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My Jouney into Costuming
where I rip my hair out from frustration
Been working steadily on Princess Tiana.  I was hoping to have it all done by this weekend, but no such luck.  I will wear it at Wellygeddon.

So it will be GG Leia on the Saturday at Ch'armageddon and Raven on Sunday.

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I have a costume list that I will try to stick to over the next year.  Honestly I will ;)  It's mega short and I am just going to do them and not worry about what I look like, or what kinda shape my body is.  I keep on thinking, I will only do this character if I am the perfect size, weight, etc.  If I keep on thinking that, then I will never do half the costumes that I would like.

So here goes.....

  • Darth Talon - yep the leather bikini, this is one of the costumes that I have looked at and gone...wow love this, but because I don't feel "skinny" enough I have been putting it off.  I am no longer going to do that.
  • Raven - Teen Titans New World version - this has been on the list for awhile, and I keep on changing which version.  But this WILL be done by Melbourne Armageddon
  • Storm - not sure which version but again another that I have put off, because of the "tight" nature of her costume.
  • Zoe - Firefly version - I have most of the bits to construct and sew this.
  • Uhura - Star Trek TOS version - have some lovely wool do this, and an original pattern to put this together.  Even though the original was done in velor and then a lovely (ugh) polyester...hahah
  • GG Leia version - Silver Hair and a collar like Elvis - so rock-n-rolla  I might just do a fem version of elvis/leia...lol
  • 16th century venetian cortesan dress - chopins and the "horn" hair style - by May.... then will wear in July...
  • Bergamo Italian mans costume - pink puffy pants, black jerkin - white sleeves with pink and gold ribbon - sooooo masculine..
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Have pulled apart and re-sewn a Schaube - it is currently drapped over my duct-tape double "stretching" at the moment.  Will bag-line it next week.

Have purchased, lovely and reasonably cheap nylon lycra in an indigo(?) for my Raven-comic version costume.  Picked up some lovely merino wool knit for my Luminara coat.

Need to buy on the next pay week some haubute(sp) silk for a couple of chemises, and dig out the silk that S gave me for a partlet.  I have totally misplaced it.  It is probably somewhere at CF. *sigh*

M and I picked up some lovely lovely metallic lace in gold and silver for a GREAT price.

Need to get buy my own sewing machine. The one that I am currently borrowing requires a service..at least I think it does. 

Patterning a Daddy Cat from Azumanga Daioh, want it as a backpack.  Need to find some Bright orange felt. lol

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It sounds ridiculous but Vampire Willow is definately on hold, until I have lost some more weight.  Ideally I want to be between 62-65kgs.  This also means that Darth Talon is on hold as well.

What is coming up

Lt Uhura - Star Trek:TOS
Zoe Washburn - Firefly

Then the big project that I have come across and have been looking at is Queen Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood.  I just can't work out which version.

The Black Queen



And  the White Queen version


Ahhh so pretty and it will make me do the underwear for both Elizabethan and 1850's  corset and crinoline.

Man this cosplay is going to do my head in, but all the components just look like so much fun!!   From the jewellery/crown and the scepter and orb, tooo cool.

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Gakked from evil_ball cause she is the win!!!

And for anyone interested there is some Leia bun fight photos here:

Also the leia's dancing..oh dear. lol


And amoungst other cosplayers dancing


Ahhh Christchurch Armageddon was so much fun!!

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Cut out and sewed some pleather pants for the Vampire Willow.  Noticed how blargh I looked.  Will not do this costume until I have lost more weight.

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The Winnowed Spinach Ladies Tea Society
gentlemen by appointment



Saturday 5th of April 2008
At the home of Miss Verity Pride
RSVP: Please email winnowedspinach@gmail.com by the 28th of March
What is happening: Tea drinking, conversation and hat decorating
What to bring: $5.00 - $3.00 for the hat and materials $2.00 will go towards costs of the food and drink

All questions and comments are to be made to winnowedspinach@gmail.com

Yours sincerely,

Miss Rebel Fortune
Local Guide
Winnowed Spinach Ladies Tea Society Member

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So I have drafted and sewed up an underbust..and it's bad and I am going to start all over again. *sigh* I just dont know what I did...but it came out too short. I can do this...I can. Argh!!

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I am a slack poster on this lj. Okay costuming news.

Looking at completing a Astraal Vao costume for Auckgeddon this year.

Darth Talon for next April. (This is so I have a goal to lose some weight)

Work on my posh frock of St Caths and another dress.

Vamp Willow for next year. (want to do vamp appliances)

Storm (original white outfit of doom!)

Zoe from Firefly.

So I have a list and now I just need the motivation, the time and the money..snerk.

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As a special advance listing, for Forums, here is the current list of guests booked to attend the October 20-22nd Armageddon expo

Ellen Muth - Media Guest - Dead Like Me
Andrea Romano - Animation Voice Director - Justice League
Bruce Timm - Animation Legend - Justice League
Ed Brubaker - International Comic Writer - Captain America
Jimmy Palmiotti - International Comic Writer and Artist - Countdown
Amanda Connor - International Comic Artist - Terra
Gail Simone - International Comic Writer - Wonder Woman
Nicola Scott - International Comic Artist - Birds of Prey
Adam West - Media Guest - 1960’s BATMAN & Family Guy
Julie Newmar - Media Guest - 1960’s CATWOMAN
Ray Park - Media Guest - Darth Maul & the Toad
Matt Wood - Media Guest - General Grievous
Chris Rankin - Media Guest - Percy Weasly in Harry Potter Films
Billy West - Animation Guest - Futurama and More
Maile Flanagan - Animation Guest - Naruto
Neil Kaplan - Animation Guest - Optimus Prime
Richard Horvitz - Animation Guest - Invader Zim & Billy
Rino Romano - Animation Guest - The Batman & Sailor Moon
Rodger Bumpass - Animation Guest - Spongebob Squarepants

Obviously subject to availability and work commitments. This was announced by Bill -

People in bold I am looking forward to seeing.

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